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November 30 2017

1953 a972 500
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March 19 2017

Wrapping Ansible Vault with gpg

March 13 2017

Choose boring technology

June 22 2015

pfSense: SLAAC+DHCPv6 prefix delegation

April 17 2015

January 01 2015

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Happy New Year (GCal edition)

December 09 2014

Disabling SSL < TLS in Dovecot and Postfix
Merkel und das Internet

November 17 2014

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Lollipop battery saver - reduced animations
[Bug watch] Erlang and SHA256 SSL certificates

September 30 2014

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Intel. Srsly.

September 01 2014

Your ticket system needs more monitoring
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June 06 2014

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Plötzlich Schafe
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May 28 2014

Amazon and Hachette

April 07 2014

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March 22 2014

Authenticating sudo with the SSH agent
img: embedded image

March 20 2014

0160 4e21

March 18 2014

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Let's Titanrage

March 10 2014

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Sorgenfreie Gefährdung

March 04 2014

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Ganz besonders schlimm in der Mitte unterwegs
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